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Dramaturgy & Direction


Creative Collaborator
the earth, that is sufficient
Annalisa Dias, The Welders

Part theatre, part ritual, part epic journey, the earth, that is sufficient is a contemplative inquiry into the precarity of human relationships to extraction, consumption, and power.  the earth, that is sufficient is an iterative performance project that conceptualizes theatre-making as an ecology, and asks audiences to consider the braided legacy of our past and the infinite possibilities we might stitch into a shared future. The iterative piece is told through the eyes of Lucy, the australopithecus, the 3.2 million year old hominid fossil. She speaks of the earth’s vast history and her relationship to lands, place, and time. With her, we wonder, “when a body has been turned into an object, where does it find rest?”

Accessibility Consultant

New integrated dance works by CRIPSiE artists.

CRIPSiE (Collaborative Radically Integrated Performers Society in Edmonton) is an Edmonton-based collective of artists that include people who experience disability and their allies. We challenge dominant stories of disability and other forms of oppression, through high-quality crip and mad performance art, video art, and public education and outreach program

Guest Dramaturg
Lame Is…
Sick + Twisted Theatre

Sick + Twisted is a theatre company dedicated to creating work exploring the experience of living with a disability. Lame Is... confronts assumptions about disability and subverts expectations. Through multidisciplinary works we celebrate our exceptional bodies and brains. 

Dramaturg & Director
Burqa Boutique
Brishkay Ahmed, The Virago Play Series

Burqa Boutique follows five multigenerational women who seek refuge in a burqa shop when caught in the middle of a battle between the Socialist Republic Fathers Party and the Sons of Islam.

Dramaturg & Collaborating Director
Setting Bones
Kalik (Anoushka Ratnarajah, Kamee Abrahamian, lee williams boudakian), PTC

When their mother and grandmother suddenly die, three estranged siblings are forced to come together and pack up their childhood home. As the siblings sort through the artifacts of their family’s herstories, they are forced to confront the legacies of displacement, cultural erasure, and fragmentation that have haunted them for generations. In turn, they must rediscover one another and their desires for belonging, understanding and love. Setting Bones was developed with the assistance of PTC (Playwrights Theatre Centre) as part of the Fringe New Play Prize.

Kanon Hewitt, Julia Siedlanowska, The Only Animal

Wyspa is an immersive youth-led outdoor theatre installation that premiered at the 2017 Vancouver Fringe Festival. A group of youth stranded on an urchin-infested island guide the audience through a magic-infused ceremony and explore their world views that have turned them into survivors. Part documentary/verbatim script driven by youth aged 10-16.

Dramaturg & Director
Saving Mother
Crystal Smith, The Only Animal & Vines Arts Festival

Saving Mother, is an interdisciplinary work of physical theatre, exploring the intersections between violence to the land, and to Indigenous women. It is simultaneously a narrative of resistance, resurgence and restoration of intergenerational relationships, and relationship to the land.

Kanon Hewitt, The Only Animal

Umizoko is a multimedia interactive theatre installation that premiered at the 2016 Vancouver Fringe Festival. Set in a future Japan where sea levels have risen and drowned the coastal cities, the installation explores survival of people and culture, and the tension of displacement and belonging in the face of natural and man-made disasters.

The Gaza Mono-Logues
Headlines Theatre

"The war was a black ghost that covered Gaza's day and night. It imposed its hell on people, on the earth and sky and air that we breathe." - The Gaza Mono-logues

The Gaza Mono-Logues is an exciting global project initiated by Iman Aoun, Artistic Director of Ashtar Theatre, Palestine's first theatre training organization for youth. The impulse for the project emerged from the attack on the Gaza Strip, December 2008 to January 2009, which led to the death of 431 children and wounded another 1,872. In 2009 Ashtar Theatre, with the help of UNICEF, began conducting drama therapy and creative writing workshops with youth directly affected by the attacks. By focusing on these youths' individual experiences, their dreams, fears, and hopes, Ashtar Theatre compiled a body of work that led to the birth of The Gaza Mono-Logues.